• Avoid draping wet or damp dish towels over doors of the base cabinets.
  • ​It is important to wipe up spills and water marks as they occur.
  • Give special attention to areas around the sink and dishwasher.
  • Do not attach towel racks to the interior of cabinet doors.
  • Use trays under potted plants to catch excess water.
  • Avoid placing small kitchen appliances where the heat or steam is directed onto cabinet surfaces.
  • ​Always protect wood surfaces by using hot pads under hot items.


  • Never use scouring pads, steel wool, wire brushes or powdered cleaners.
  • Do not allow oven cleaners to make contact with any part of the cabinets.
  • Avoid sliding objects across the cabinet surfaces.
  • Be careful with knives and other sharp objects that can damage the cabinet surfaces.
  • Don’t use corrosives cleaners on the cabinets.  Strong cleaners and detergents may penetrate the surface, allowing food and moisture to enter and cause further deterioration of the finish.  Never leave a cloth moistened with cleaners on a cabinet surface for any length for any prolong length of time.


  • Use a household glass cleaner with a soft, clean cloth.
  • Apply the glass cleaners directly to a cloth rather than the glass or mirror.
  • Avoid excess glass cleaners running into cabinet joints.
  • ​Remodelers Mart glass inserts may be gently buffed with 0000 steel wood, it will not scratch the glass.
  • Avoid steel buffing of joints on gold, copper, or white-clad mullions, as this will remove the coating.
  • White mullions can be protected by coating with carnauba wax.
  • Cloths used to clean glass inserts should be laundered separately.


  • Use mild soap and warm water to clean door/drawer knobs or pulls.
  • Thoroughly dry all hardware joints and surfaces and the surrounding area with a clean cloth.
  • Lubrication of hinges is not necessary, however, hinges can be cleaned or dusted using cotton-tipped swabs.
  • Many brass and silver polishes contains harsh chemicals that can damage the hardware’s surface.  Check the labels and instructions on it before use.​


  • Always keep cabinet surfaces dry.
  • As with all wood products, avoid excessive moisture.  Remodelers Mart cabinets are designed for indoor use and are not intended for outdoor applications.
  • Over time, moisture left on the cabinets can cause permanent water damage to the finish.
  • Quick temperature changes and excessive moisture can be harmful to the cabinet finish and overall cabinet stability.
  • Always use a clean and grease free cloth to clean the cabinetry.
  • Never use concentrated ammonia or other corrosive solutions on the cabinets.


  • Once your cabinets have been installed, use a soft, lint-free cotton to wipe all exterior and interior surfaces to remove dust.
  • Complete a small area at a time and use another dry and clean cloth wipe it dry.


  • Never use a dirty or greasy cloth to clean the cabinetry.
  • Avoid using a dish cloth or sponge.
  • Use a soft, lint-free cotton cloth dampened with a mild detergent or soap, and warm water. For best results, use a “blotting” action rather a wiping motion when cleaning.​
  • Use mild soap with warm water.
  • Dry wet and damped surfaces immediately with a soft, lint-free cotton cloth.​
  • Harsh detergent residues may harm finishes.​
  • Avoid ammonia-based cleaners and soaps with dye.
  • Food spills and grease will come off more easily if they are removed promptly.
  • Wipe up spills and water spots immediately with a lint-free cotton cloth so moisture is not absorbed into the cabinetry.
  • Check the areas around the sink and dishwasher to make sure that water and detergents do not dry on the cabinet surface.
  • Do not leave printed materials (newspapers, magazines, etc,) on the cabinet surface.  The printing ink can bleed into the cabinets finish.​

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